Refurbished Vs Open Box Products

What are refurbished products?

Refurbished is another word for reconditioned and is the more socially acceptable synonym for the word used. You can perceive them to be used products that are in some or in fact, in most cases, damaged. However, they have had extensive damage control and repair done to them in order to return them to their like-new condition. 

Refurbished Vs Open Box Products
What Are Refurbished Products?

What are open box products?

With the name itself being quite self-explanatory, open-box products are those products in which the packaging has been opened, however, the product has not been used. Take a pair of shoes, for instance, say you ordered them online and they ran a size small instead of running true to your size. If the shoe does not fit, there is obviously no use in you keeping it. So you, therefore, decide to sell it. This would account for you selling an open box product as you have opened the manufacturer’s sealed packaging but the product provided by the manager has neither been tampered with nor has it been used.

Refurbished Vs Open Box Products
What Are Open-Box Products?

The difference between refurbished and open box

Let’s say for argument’s sake, you are looking to buy a laptop. The stigmatic difference between the two is that your refurbished laptop option has had a lot of tampering done to it. It is prone to further damage as it has already been through damage control once. The refurbished laptop has already been repaired as well as audited and reconditioned and has undergone a variety of tests before being sold. Refurbished products often are not sold with their original, manufacturer packaging. Accessories that come with your product are subjected to what the seller wants to give away to the buyer.

Now let us take a look at the open box counterpart. It is as simple as the fact that the laptop has been taken out of its manufacturer’s sealed packaging. In a nutshell, the packaging seal has simply been opened. You will still receive the packaging along with the original accessories that your laptop comes with. These accessories are not just applicable to laptops. If you are purchasing an open box hairdryer then it is most likely going to come with even the dust bag provided by the manufacturer for the particular product. However, you have to check, make sure, and do the due diligence on your part to ensure where you are buying from, does actually provide you with the amenities.

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