OBDLink MX+ vs Fixd Vs BlueDriver: Which is better?

These are some of the most famous OBD 2 adapters in the market but many people are confused between them which should they buy?

All are used for the same purpose but they are different in features and performance.


Because as technology improves so do the devices. So, in order to explore which adapter is suitable for your vehicle you should know the difference between them.

So, here is your guide that will help you to make your decision.

What is BlueDriver?

If you are looking for an onboard diagnostic (OBD2) scanner to scan the internal status of your car at an affordable price BlueDriver OBD 2 is the best choice.

It’s a wireless device that extracts all the internal information of your car in seconds and sends a complete report of that information to your smartphone.

BlueDriver will inform you about all the potential breakdowns and emergencies that could take place in the future. You can also schedule a servicing remainder on it so, it will constantly remind you when the date is close.

With the help of the BlueDriver OBD2 scanner, you can get all the information about your car before you take it to the shop so they won’t be charged heavily by the mechanic.

What is BlueDriver?

What is OBDLink MX+?

OBDLink MX+ is the easiest OBD2 scanner available in the market right now.

It is one of the fastest scanners that can quickly scan all your car information and offers a quick connection to your smartphone.

It is a small device that you can easily carry in your car without worrying about space. The average installation time of OBDLink MX+ is 3 minutes. Compatible with laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Moreover, the best feature of this scanner is its hack-proof which means in order to hack this device the hacker has to physically access this device. This means it is the most secure OBD 2 scanner in the market.

What is OBDLink MX Plus?

What is Fixd?

If you want to everything about your car in just one, click then a Fixd OBD2 scanner will be best.

It is a wireless device that will give you all the necessary information about your car and help you to run it smoothly.

The only thing you have to do is to connect the device with the OBD 2 port wirelessly and find out everything about your vehicle on your smartphone.

This is a very useful device as after getting all the information you can better negotiate with our mechanic and save yourself from paying expensive charges.

What is Fixd?

Which is better: OBDLink MX+ vs Fixd Vs BlueDriver

All these three devices have their own features but you will notice some differences when it comes to performance. Let’s compare three of these devices:

  • Vehicle Coverage

With Fixd OBD 2 scanner you can get information about five vehicles at the same time. This means you can connect your device to 5 different vehicles and access their information on your smartphone at the same time.

While on the other hand, with OBDLink MX+ and BlueDriver scanner you can only get information about one vehicle at one time.

So, in this comparison, the Fixd OBD2 scanner is the winner.

  • Ease of Usability

With the help of the BlueDriver OBD 2 scanner, you can connect to an existing database and can find additional information about your car issue. Other features are it’s quite easy to install and set up on a smartphone.

On the other hand, if we talk about the Fixd you need to go through several installation layers to extract useful data from your car.

Lastly, if we talk about OBDLink MX+ it’s the fastest scanner in the market with 3 minutes of installation time. You don’t need to go through any layer for installation, it is quite easy and simple to use.

So, in this comparison, the OBDLink MX+ scanner is the winner.

  • Compatibility

All these three devices can connect to a variety of old and new cars. Moreover, they can also be connected to modern technology like IOS and Android devices.

Comparing three devices on compatibility factor, the OBDLink MX+ scanner is the winner that allows laptops and tablets to get connected while others do not offer this compatibility.

  • Security

All these three devices offer maximum protection but if we see which is the most secure all of them, then OBDLink MX+ takes the lead. It ensures that there will be no unregulated or unauthorized transmission of data and eliminates all the chances of hacking by offering a unique security scheme.

While on the other hand, if you connect your car with Fixd or BlueDriver a hacker can hack the transmitting data before you got on the phone.

  • Battery Saver

All three devices tie in this comparison because all work on similar technology which is “battery saver technology” which automatically puts your device to sleep when the car engine is off.

This means that the devices will not drain your vehicle’s battery even if you leave it plugged into the port overnight.

  • Free Updates

All these three OBD 2 scanners offer free updates. You can easily download the latest features from the official website to keep your device up-to-date.

So, in this comparison, all these three devices have the same level of quality and free updates.

  • Features

BlueDriver is designed and used by professionals and offers features like an ABS system, climate control, and repair report generation. However, some features may be tricky and difficult to use for some people.

On the other side, Fixd is a lightweight scanner and is widely used by scanners. With the help of the Fixd scanner, you can easily check the live feed of your engine and can understand the internal information of your car.

Lastly, if we see OBDLink MX+ it offers a wide range of features like shape freeze, SRS airbags information, motor transmission code, and diagnostic report. It is also designed and used by professionals and offers hundreds of other different options.

So, in this comparison, the OBDLink MX+ scanner is the winner.

  • Language Compatibility

In this comparison, Fixd takes the lead by offering compatibility in multiple languages like English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian.

On the other hand, BlueDriver and OBDLink MX+ are only compatible with the English language.

So, in this comparison, the Fixd scanner is the winner.

  • Price

If you are looking for a scanner with a wide range of features on an affordable budget then Fixd will be a great choice. Because BlueDriver and OBDLink MX+ scanners are quite expensive as compared to Fixd.

So, in this comparison, the Fixd scanner is the winner.


Q1. Is there any monthly fee for the BlueDriver scanner?

Ans. No, it’s totally free there is no extra fee or subscription fee, and you can update the scanner from the app or official website.

Q2.  What are the best professional OBD 2 scanners?

Ans. Here are some of the professional scanners

Q3. Can I use the BlueDriver scanner while driving?

Ans. Yes, as the scanner will remain attached to the car and can work with your smartphone while driving.

Q4.  Is it okay to leave a Fixd scanner plugged in?

Ans. Yes, because it will not drain your vehicle battery and will automatically switch off when your engine turns off.

Q5. Does BlueDriver work with Toyota?

Ans. Yes, BlueDriver can work with any vehicle whose engine indicates that it is OBD 2. Currently, it supports Ford, Chrysler, GM, and Toyota vehicles.

Now that you know the differences between the three of them it will be easy for you to select one that suits you.  But always make sure that the one you selected should perform the features that you want from it and also should be compatible with your vehicle.
If you still any help, leave a comment below we will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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