5 Best SUV Tents For Small Family Outdoor Camping in 2021 – A Perfect Guide

If you are looking for the best SUV tent that is perfect for small family camping, family outings, and picnics then this article will give you a list of 5 top options. Camping is a great way for families to bond and disconnect from the busyness of everyday life. There are many different types of camping gear that can help make your next trip more comfortable, but one item you might want to consider buying before your trip is an SUV tent. After researching and testing the 5 best SUV tents on the market in 2021, We found that there are some things every family should be aware of when purchasing this type of tent. The following paragraphs will summarize my findings of these tents so you have all the information you need before making a purchase decision.


Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

The Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent is geared towards campers in large numbers, owing to its size. If you’re savvy on gear and tend to overpack a camp trip, this tent is the one to consider. The quality makes up for the price tag on this SUV tent as well as the size it renders. Be sure to read the instructions manual thoroughly so setting it up does not become time-consuming and tricky.
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KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Tent

The KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Tent is a multipurpose tent that claims to accommodate a whopping 9 campers, all while catering towards a variety of options that can be customized to cater to your needs and activities. This breathable tent is designed in such a way that the inside still remains dry and comfortable. All that as well as its waterproofing protection justifies the price tag of the tent especially if you’re a frequent camper that likes to take our family and friend. If you’re on the hunt for a spacious tent, this is the one to go for.
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Smittybilt Overlander Tent

The Smittybilt Overlander Tent is garnered towards those who are very particular in their choices and are after a premium-designed SUV tent. This Overlander Tent is a rooftop tent of standard sizing and is the absolute choice to make if you want solid protection from the scary and less pleasing aspect of camping – snakes, bugs, and water during rainy days out, owing to its rugged, heavy-duty zippers for attachment and an inner door flap for easy access to your vehicle. The tent also comes on with an extension so you’re able to accommodate more people or simply have a more spacious tent to yourself if that’s what you fancy – the Smittybilt Tent Annex is an attachment to the Smittybilt Overlander Tent. It comes in particularly handy as an additional cover for changing clothes and space storage or for just stretching your legs a little longer while sleeping. Together, these make a multiroomed, two-story tent.
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The Ozark Trail SUV Tent

The Ozark Trail SUV Tent is targeted towards beginners. For those who’re just exploring camping – camping with SUVs in particular. This is why this tent is engineered to be relatively easy to put together and set up, even for beginners. Being a stable and smart choice for beginners, a wise choice for beginners along with it being a budget-friendly tent, it’s not very likely for you to expect it to handle a lot of wear and tear particularly under bad weather conditions. Having said that, it does manage to offer pretty decent protection against rain with the attached vestibule. Absolutely ideal for a family just starting out camping or on a budget. Its convenience also shines through with the excess of storage pockets making it handy to store the kids’ bits and bobs. From backyards to local campgrounds, the instant set-up feature makes it always ready for your adventure.
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Honda SUV Tent

Honda? Surprised you on the list, did it? Yes, Honda makes a tent. The Honda SUV Tent is specifically and invariably designed for Honda SUVs including CR-V, Element, Odyssey, and Pilot models, as the name and brand suggest. Honda being Honda, their SUV Tent boasts to weather any weather (pun intended) or surface with ease, owing to its high-quality double-coated RipStop polyethylene floor. This makes it an absolutely decent tent for tailgating and starry night, dreamy barbecues under the awning. A very safe buy, particularly if you drive a Honda.
The best way to enjoy the wilderness is by camping in it. Suv tents are a basic necessity for anybody who loves traveling or wants to spend time with family and friends outdoors. These outdoor shelters provide temporary homes away from home that can be set up quickly, offer protection from weather hazards, and create memories of their own. If you love spending time outside then these SUV tents will make your adventures much more enjoyable. Have you ever used an SUV tent? Let us know if they were worth investing in. We would love to hear about how your experience went!

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